Think Positive

The YSI teams in Gorey Community School, Wexford and Gaelcholáiste Chéitinn, Clonmel used their creativity to promote positivity in their communities.

  • Why not create your own art or photography exhibition to promote positive mental health in your area?
  • Can you think of other new ways to create positive reinforcement in your community?
  • How could you encourage and nurture positive attitudes in the people around you?

Get Creative

The team at the CAST Film festival, Collinstown Park Community College, Dublin encourage others to tackle mental health in a creative way using the medium of film.

  • How can you use your creativity to tackle mental health problems?
  • What ideas do you have for a short film on this issue?
  • Why not make a film and submit it to The CAST Film Festival (

Create a Space

After identifying the main problems in their area, the YSI team in Our Lady’s College, Drogheda came up with a solution – a youth café.

  • What are the main issues facing young people in your area?
  • Where are the safe places for young people to hang out in your community?
  • Where can you and other young people go for help?

Educate Others

The YSI teams at Mount Mercy College, Cork, and Ashfield Boys’ High School, Belfast organised conferences on mental health education that many schools and young people benefitted from.

  • Would your school or youth organisation benefit from a similar event?
  • Have you thought about inviting an expert guest speaker to come to your school or youth organisation?

Use Your Senses

The YSI team in Rosses Community School in Donegal used their senses! They recognised the power of colour and music on people’s well-being and used this knowledge to improve their surroundings.

  • Do music and certain colours make a difference to your mental health?
  • How can you incorporate these into your daily life?
  • What mental health resources could you make for your school or youth organisation?

Talk About Bullying

The YSI group in St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Rochfortbridge identified bullying as a major contributor to mental health problems and wrote a song to address the issue.

  • What is bullying and do we all understand it the same way?  Is it worth a discussion?
  • What ways can you encourage people to stand up to bullies and report any issues they encounter?
  • Are there any songs you can use to help raise awareness on bullying? How about writing an original?

Express Yourself

The YSI team at Mercy Mounthawk Secondary School, Tralee offered their peers different ways to express their emotions to alleviate stress and anxiety.

  • How can you encourage people to talk about their problems and express their emotions?
  • What ways can you help people to listen to one another?
  • What creative outlets can you think of to help people open up and communicate?

Be Mindful

The YSI team in Ardscoil na Trionoide, Athy worked together to create a quiet reflective space for people to practice mindfulness or just be with their thoughts.

  • Can you find out more about mindfulness and its benefits?
  • Are there any places in your school or organisation that could be used in a similar way?
  • Who could you recruit from your local community to help you create such a space?
  • What type of atmosphere would you like to create? How would you achieve this?

Speak To Your Wider Community

The YSI team at Ardscoil Mhuire, Ballinasloe asked another local secondary school to support their project. The YSI team at Our Lady of Mercy College, Beaumont raised awareness in their local community.

  • Outside of your school, who might be interested in your project?
  • How can you collaborate with other schools and organisations in your area?
  • How can you let parents or guardians know about your project?

Your Ideas!

What are YOUR INNOVATIVE IDEAS for tackling mental health issues?

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