Taking Action!

Is your primary colour blue?

Taking ACTION!

Innovating for Mental Health

Mental health continues to be highlighted as a recurring issue of concern among Irish teenagers. Here are just some examples of young people taking ACTION on this issue through Young Social Innovators' programmes.

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Is your primary colour blue?

Rosses Community School, Dungloe, Co. Donegal (2010)

The Idea
To promote positive mental health in their school community through music and art.

After carrying out research in their school, this group discovered that certain colours and music had an impact on people’s moods. Using this knowledge the group decided to use imagery and music to promote positive mental health among their school community. They made colourful posters and displays for each classroom and redesigned murals to brighten up their school. They maintained a positive health notice board in a busy area of the school providing information on mental health and supports available. They made colourful bookmarks for students which provided information on recognising symptoms of depression and how to seek help. The team also arranged for music to be played throughout the school twice a week at break times. This lifted spirits in the school and created a positive, happy atmosphere.

The Impact
This project was really effective in creating awareness about mental health in a really positive way. They presented clear ideas and actions that would be suitable for a range of educational settings, such as the use of music and random acts of kindness. The team created attractive and practical resources that were used by the school population. Through their efforts, they created a fun and inclusive atmosphere in their school and made it a lovely place to be.

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